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Current status of tapered roller bearings in my country

With the rapid growth of the world's industrial field, the broad industrial fields have higher and higher requirements for various bearing products. As a large category of bearing products, tapered roller bearing products are widely used in the industrial field, but The current situation of my country's bearing market is very chaotic, leading to the relatively backward production technology of tapered roller bearings in my country.

The development of manufacturing technology and production technology of tapered roller bearing products in my country is relatively slow. The main reason is that my country's industrial market is relatively chaotic, the industrial belt is relatively loose, and it cannot be effectively centralized and large-scale production. Many technical difficulties have not been able to achieve breakthroughs.

High-performance tapered roller bearing products have relatively high requirements for production materials, and bearing steel should have quite high requirements. The research and development progress of bearing steel in my country is relatively slow, and related technologies such as lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and abrasive tools are not up to date. To meet the world's advanced tapered roller bearing product level and quality requirements, it is impossible to guarantee the accuracy, performance, service life and reliability of tapered roller bearings.

Our company has long been committed to improving the quality of tapered roller bearing products and providing the most professional bearing products for the majority of market users. Therefore, we continue to absorb and introduce advanced international advanced technology, combined with our own production status, and constantly reform production technology to improve The quality of our tapered roller bearings. Sincerely welcome customers in the market to come to our company to consult and purchase the most professional quality tapered roller bearing products.

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