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Factors to improve bearing quality

Bearings are important parts in machinery, and the quality of use is an important choice for bearings. If you want to improve the quality of the bearings during the production process, we will tell everyone that we should improve the quality requirements of the bearings in the production from the five major elements.

1. The motor assembly site must be kept clean. After the bearings are coated with grease, no dust is allowed to fly on the site. The parts matched with the bearing must undergo strict inspection before being assembled, and any tiny link cannot be ignored. For example, if the shaft shoulder at the matching place of the rotating shaft and the bearing is cleaned and has no rounded corners, stress will be concentrated during operation and the shaft will be twisted there; if the rounded corners are too large, or are not in place during grinding, install the bearing The interference of the inner ring will be out of tolerance, or the bearing cannot be in place, this is the bane of premature bearing damage.

2. The quality of dynamic balance is a crucial factor that affects the life of the bearing. The larger the motor, the higher the speed, and the higher the quality requirements for dynamic balance.

3. Bearing-related parts-the coaxiality of the frame, end cover, rotor, inner and outer cover of the bearing should be good, and ensure that the parts are not damaged due to the deformation of the parts during the operation of the motor. Larger parts, such as machine bases, end covers, etc. must be aged.

4. The machining accuracy of bearing-related parts should be improved. Because the machining accuracy of the bearing itself is very high, and when the bearing is matched with related parts, a very small amount of interference will cause the damage of the bearing. Practice has proved that the tolerance zone can be controlled within the range of about 0 to 02mm by using CNC machine tools with "fixed-size cutters" to process the bearing chamber. The roughness of the matching place with the inner and outer rings of the bearing should also be increased as much as possible, otherwise, after many times of disassembly and assembly to grind the "knife peaks" of the metal processing, the original design tolerances will also be changed.

5. The amount of grease should be appropriate, otherwise the bearing will heat up. If the ambient temperature is higher than 40C, grease with higher penetration should be used. Conversely, low penetration or special grease should be used.

It is inevitable that there will be failures in bearing use. If the quality of the bearing is improved, it depends on the use of the bearing. We can also understand the above five aspects when selecting the bearing. You can refer to the quality of the bearing.

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