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Reasons and solutions for excessive bearing temperature

The bearing housing should be refueled regularly as required by the job. After the bearing is refueled, sometimes the temperature will be high, mainly due to excessive refueling. At this time, the temperature continues to rise. After reaching a certain point (generally about 10 C ~ 15 C higher than the normal operating temperature) will remain unchanged, and then gradually decline.

The grease added to the bearing does not meet the requirements or is contaminated

The lubricating grease is not suitable for selection, and it is not easy to form a uniform lubricating oil film. The internal friction and wear of the bearing cannot be reduced, the lubrication is insufficient, and the bearing temperature is increased. When different types of grease are mixed, a chemical reaction may occur, causing the grease to deteriorate and agglomerate, reducing the lubricating effect. The contamination of the grease will also increase the temperature of the bearing, and the dust will fall into the process of adding grease, causing oil contamination, resulting in deterioration of the grease inside the bearing housing, which will damage the bearing lubrication and increase the temperature.

Therefore, suitable grease should be selected. The bearing box and bearing should be cleaned during maintenance, and the fueling pipeline should be checked and unblocked. Different types of grease should not be mixed. If other types of grease are replaced, the original grease should be cleaned first; Regularly add grease, grease should be properly kept to prevent moisture and dust.

Not enough cooling

Check if the pipeline is blocked, whether the inlet temperature and return water temperature exceed the standard. If the cooler is not suitable for use and the cooling effect is poor and cannot meet the requirements for use, it should be replaced in time or a new cooler installed in parallel. The axial flow induced draft fan should also check the insulation and sealing of the core barrel.

Confirm that there is no such problem and then check the coupling alignment and bearing

The alignment of the coupling must conform to the process standard. In the case of axial flow induced draft fans, hydraulic couplers, etc., the problem of thermal expansion of the equipment during operation should also be considered. The impeller side of the induced draft fan expands due to heat, and the bearing box rises. When the temperature of the hydraulic coupler increases, the bearing housing expands and the bearing rises. Therefore, the timing of the motor should be higher. The size of the reserve should be based on the characteristics of the equipment. Depending on the temperature parameters in operation.

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