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A good bearing can reduce the probability of damage

The matching of the bearing can reduce the probability of damage: the stationary ring and rotating ring of the bearing are respectively consolidated with the stationary part (usually the bearing seat) and the rotating part (usually the shaft) of the mounting part, so as to achieve the rotating state The basic task of transferring loads and defining the position of a moving system relative to a stationary system.

On the shaft and in the bearing seat, rolling bearings are required to fix their positions in three directions: radial, axial and tangential directions. Radial and tangential positioning are achieved through tight fitting of bearing rings. Axial positioning is only used in a few cases with tight fitting; generally axial limiting parts, such as end caps and retaining rings, are used to limit the axial position Within the clearance range.

The following four points should be paid attention to when choosing cooperation:

(1) The circumferential surface of the bearing ring should be well supported and uniform in force to reduce deformation and give full play to the bearing capacity of the bearing.

(2) The ferrule cannot slide in the tangential direction on its mating surface, otherwise the mating surface will be damaged.

(3) The free end bearing must be able to adapt to the change in the length of the shaft and the bearing seat hole, that is, it must have the ability to adapt to the axial position to swim within a certain range.

(4) Attention must be paid to make the bearing installation and disassembly simple and convenient, saving labor, time and expenditure.

Regarding the damage state of the bearing, such as: the jam of the ring and the rib of the roller bearing, the reasons can be considered, such as insufficient lubricant, unsuitability, defects in the oil supply and drainage structure, foreign matter intrusion, bearing installation error, and shaft deflection. If the song is too big, these reasons will overlap.

Therefore, it is difficult to know the cause of the damage only by investigating bearing damage. However, if you know the machinery used, the conditions of use, the structure around the bearing, and the situation before and after the accident, combined with the damage state of the bearing and several reasons, you can prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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