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The company brand is "NSFL".The company integrates bearing design, research and development, manufacturing and  trade. From the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, the whole process is under control, ensuring productquality. The company takes as the standard internal quality ,The management system and environmental management system operate effectively, and more than ten advanced numerical control equipments have been introduced to improve the production capacity and manufacturing accuracy of products, ensure product quality, shorten the production cycle, and lay a good foundation for cooperation with customers. Full trust of customers...

  • Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    With the development of high-speed and high-precision diagnostic equipment, high-speed...

  • Mining industry

    Mining industry

    Mining, mineral processing, and cement production industry is faced with is poor and remote working...

  • Wind power

    Wind power

    Wind power industry is facing huge pressure, need to improve the design, performance and reliability of...

  • Food equipment

    Food equipment

    Food equipment, because what it produces is food, it is not only necessary to ensure safety, but also to...

  • Automotive field

    Automotive field

    In the environmental protection consciousness and strict emission regulations, driven by the...

  • Machinery industry

    Machinery industry

    The active places of construction machinery are mostly mining sites in mountainous areas and desert...


It has a large-scale technical research and development team in the bearing industry, quality assurance, wide application, and won the trust of customers with excellent performance and stable quality.

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