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What should I do if the temperature of bearing is too high?

The bearing temperature used in mechanical equipment is too high, such as abnormal fever, which is a common and common failure of mechanical equipment. The cause is unknown and improper handling will often get twice the result with half the effort. The service life of the full cylindrical roller bearing increases. The maintenance cost may even cause the bearing to burn out. The choice of bearing matching type should be determined according to the type and size of the bearing, the magnitude and direction of the load, and the nature of the load. The correct selection of the matching of the bearing should ensure the normal operation of the bearing and prevent the inner ring and the shaft, the outer ring and the housing hole from rotating relative to each other during operation.

Generally speaking, when the direction of the working load does not change, the rotating ring has a tighter fit than the stationary ring, because the rotating ring bears the rotating load, and the stationary ring bears the local load. When the rotation speed is higher, the load is larger and the vibration is stronger, the tighter fit should be used. When the bearing is installed on a thin-walled shell or hollow shaft, a tighter fit should also be used, but an over-tight fit is disadvantageous. At this time, the inner and outer rings may be caused to travel due to the elastic expansion of the inner and outer rings and the contraction of the outer ring. The reduction or even disappearance of the gap may also cause irregular deformation of the inner and outer rings of the bearing due to the irregular shape or uneven rigidity of the mating shaft and seat hole surfaces, which will damage the normal operation of the bearing.

A tight fit will also make assembly and disassembly difficult, especially for heavy machinery. With modern high-precision grinders and high-precision lathes, adaptive control technology is introduced to automatically adjust working parameters according to changes in cutting conditions, so that the bearings can be processed during processing. Maintain a better working condition, thereby obtaining higher processing accuracy and smaller surface roughness, and at the same time can improve the service life of the bearing and the noise of the bearing. It has self-diagnosis and self-repair functions. In the entire working state, the system performs self-diagnosis and inspection on the CNC system itself and various equipment connected to it at any time.

In the event of a failure, measures such as shutdown shall be taken immediately, and a failure alarm shall be carried out to indicate the location and cause of the failure. It can also automatically take the faulty module offline and switch on the spare module to ensure the requirements of an unmanned working environment. In order to achieve higher fault diagnosis requirements, its development trend is to adopt artificial intelligence expert diagnosis systems. At present, CAD/CAM graphics interactive automatic programming has been widely used, which is a new trend in the development of numerical control technology. It is a part processing pattern drawn by CAD, and then calculated and post-processed by the tool path data in the computer. The big difference in CAM system programming is that the processing parameters required for programming do not need to be manually participated, but directly from the system Speed and accuracy are two important indicators of high-precision CNC grinders, which are directly related to processing efficiency and product quality.

At present, the numerical control system uses a processor with a higher number of bits and a higher frequency to increase the basic operation speed of the system. At the same time, the use of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits and multi-microprocessor structure to improve the data processing capacity of the system, that is, increase the speed and accuracy of interpolation calculations, greatly reduce the error of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, thereby improving the processing accuracy of the bearing.

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